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The brands we target have a strong identity, able of combining authenticity, innovation sustainability, empathy and desirability.

We partner with visionary and talented entrepreneurs driven by a strong business acumen. The brands we invest in operate autonomously.


A solid competence in innovative projects driven by the ability to achieve success with constant commitment and flexibility are our strengths.

A team of entrepreneurs, finance professionals and lawyers guarantees constant strategic support. 


Oakhill Luxury is a Venture Capital platform investing in startups and corporates of luxury industry. Born in 2018 with the aim support young enterpreneurs  in setting up and structuring new ventures, Oakhill is now investing in three projects in line with its philosophy.

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Oakhill firmly believes innovation is not necessarily a new product did not exist before but, a set of factors that, combined, can change the paradigm of the existing. We also believe that an outsider can make a difference because everything is impossible until someone does it.

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