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Even the most innovative product or strategy must comply with system rules. Interconnected and complex rules between the different business functions which are necessary for a company that wants to grow.


Consistency, competence, know-how, professionalism and experience are the necessary ingredients for success.


Oakhill knows the ingredients and has the recipe to mix them in the right proportions and at the right time.



Every good idea deserves an opportunity. Oakhill selects the most innovative ideas through a rigorous process that challenges the proposer. Once accepted into the program the structuring process begins, leading the company to the first step of raising funds.


Having a good idea is the first step towards success. Developing it demonstrates the quality of the project and the vision of the founder. Sometimes, however, bringing a company to success requires professional and economic support that is tortuous to structure and achieve. Oakhill works alongside the entrepreneur and uses its resources and skills to accelerate this process.


Oakhill invests pre-seed and seed capital exclusively in startups active in the luxury and related industries. We aim to launch our fund by Q2-2021 in partnership with Ephelia Capital, an Asset Manager based in Switzerland.

Oakhill carefully scouts and select the most promising startups, with a focus on craftsmanship, innovation, eco-sustainability, and social responsibility.

Using the full power of our unique ecosystem, we will then accompany the startups in our portfolios in their journey towards success, help them grow and make them investment ready for Series A and beyond and provide them with new investors and co-investors all along the fund raising phases.

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